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Get Involved

When you get involved, you can make a difference.

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11 things
you can do to help fight domestic violence

1. Educate yourself

Check out the information on this website or take our Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault state certified training.

2. Donate

Donating money, food, clothing, or household items is a way for you to directly provide for the needs of victims of violence in our community.


3. Be a resource

Be a resource. If you know someone in an unsafe relationship, let them know that you care and that help is available. Not sure what to say? We’ve got some tips.

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4. Be a model

Be a model. Set an example of nonviolent relationships for the people around you. Think about your relationship with your family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.

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5. Volunteer

Give back to your community. There are many things that we need help with!

6. Be conscious

Be conscious. Take a careful look at unhealthy stereotypes and gender roles around you. You can find them in everything from the media you consume to the jokes you tell, to the things your children learn at school. Challenge everyone you know to be conscious.

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7. Don’t tolerate violence

Use your voice to speak for those that don’t have one. Let your words and actions promote respect for all people

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8. Talk to your children

Empower them to make healthy choices about their relationships. Not sure how? We offer parenting classes!

Home Tutoring
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9. Speak up

Approach domestic violence as a human rights issue. It’s not just a family matter.

10. Connect with us

Let us know if your church, school, business, or other group would benefit from training. Wild Iris does community education presentations on a range of subjects for any age. Contact Wild Iris »

11. Stay updated

Follow Wild Iris Crisis Center on social media

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