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Hotline Consultant

Get Help

1 (877) 873-7384

Confidential 24-Hour Toll Free Support Line

Shelter • Safety • Support

Wild Iris is here to help. No matter where you live or what your situation is. 24/7. No fees. No judgement. Just help.

A crisis counselor is always available to provide immediate crisis intervention, emotional support, emergency shelter, information, and referrals

Who should call the hotline?

  • Anyone who is experiencing, or who has experienced, domestic violence, sexual assault or child abuse.

  • Friends and family who have witnessed or suspect domestic violence, sexual assault or child abuse and want to help.

A pattern of abusive and controlling behaviors used by one person in a relationship to control another by preventing a person from doing what they wish or forcing them to behave in ways they do not want.

Can be verbal, visual, physical or anything that forces a person to join in unwanted sexual contact or attention.

Can range from physical battering, physical and sexual attacks, emotional abuse, neglect, witnessing domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

If you are being harmed or were harmed, you may be feeling confused, afraid, and alone. A trained crisis counselor is available to listen and provide support and resources. If you know someone who is being harmed or was harmed, you may be seeking information or support for yourself. Our crisis counselors are available to listen.

You will be connected with a trained crisis counselor who will listen and provide support. All calls are confidential and you can choose to remain anonymous.

Every situation is different. Crisis counselors may ask if you are currently in a safe place to talk and how they can provide you with the support you need.

Our crisis counselors are here to discuss your situation and your options with you, and support the decisions you make for yourself and your family. Crisis counselors can provide:

  • Emergency Shelter: Available for individuals who are fleeing unsafe situations.

  • Safety Planning: Trained peer counselors are available to assist in safety planning and provide you with valuable information to consider when you are in a dangerous situation, or are planning to leave an abusive relationship.

  • Information & Referrals: Peer counselors can help you locate community programs and resources that may benefit you during your times of need.

  • Advocacy & Accompaniment: Wild Iris peer counselors can provide support during your time of crisis. At your request, a counselor can attend court dates, or appropriate appointments such as medical, social services, mental health, etc.

  • Emergency Food & Clothing: Emergency food and clothing are available for clients who are in need due to violence and abuse.

  • Therapy Services: Individual and family therapy services for those impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault.

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